Michael and LuAnn are Retiring!

D Copperfield Jewelers has been a staple of Prior Lake’s burgeoning downtown for many years. The owners, LuAnn and Michael Reichow have been serving the Prior Lake community for over 45 years with fine jewelry and custom made pieces. Starting Tuesday, the couple is launching a retirement sale to close their jewelry store for good.

Large sale in the works

Shoppers seeking one-of-a-kind deals on jewelry should mark Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2019, on their calendars. That’s when a huge retirement sale at D Copperfield Jewelers starts. Expect to find deep discounts on high-quality jewelry, including engagement rings, wedding bands, bracelets, gemstones and much more. Included in the sale are brand names such as Mars, S. Kashi, and Gabriel.

In honor of the community

D Copperfield Jewelers sits on the corner Main Avenue and Co Road 21 nestled between Gigi’s Boutique and Edelweiss Bakery. For many people it is a cornerstone to their visit to Prior Lake’s downtown. People come not only for the quality selection of jewelry, but for the customer service that LuAnn, Mike, and their staff provide.

An interview with the owners quickly illustrates a commitment and passion for their business and their role in the community. The couple fondly remember story after story of supporting their customers through life’s most tragic and magical moments. LuAnn recalls some of the most special pieces Mike made for customers including a pendant that carried the ashes of a loved one that died in a car accident, a necklace to mask an open tracheotomy, and innumerable unique wedding rings.

To retire and close the store was not an easy choice for the couple. They will deeply miss serving their community and being a part of the downtown experience.

From horseshoes to diamonds

A walk down memory lane shines light on how momentous of a decision this really is for the owners of D Copperfield Jewelers. As a young man, Mike’s work was in shoeing horses. His mother had seen a piece of jewelry made from horseshoes and asked him if he could design something similar for her. As he worked on what he now recalls as his “first piece of jewelry”, he remembers coming to life with the fine details and creative nature of the art. Shortly thereafter, Mike became an apprentice to a silversmith.

On one fateful day the silversmith fell sick. On that same day, LuAnn’s co-worker at the local A&W asked her to attend a jewelry making class. In a moment of happenstance, Mike took over the jewelry making class for the sick silversmith. This is when Mike and LuAnn met for the first time. In less than three months they were married and within five years they had four children together. The couple is now celebrating over 43 years of marriage.

In 1976 the couple started their first jewelry store, Damon’s Jewelry in Bloomington. The couple’s love of jewelry evolved over the years, until D Copperfield Jewelers launched in 1986. For 45 years they’ve worked side by side selling, designing, and crafting jewelry.

For the love of family

The store has not only been a cornerstone of downtown Prior Lake, it has been a cornerstone of the Reichow’s family. The couple lit up when they talked about the fact that almost every person in their family had worn the keys to the jewelry cases at one time or another. They remembered their children doing homework in the “back room” and celebrating Halloween together giving out candy and “scaring” trick-or-treaters in the store.

The couple discussed how even the staff were like family. One staff member, Jeannie Beane, has worked for the Reichow’s for over 29 years. Their staff have been with the family as their children became adults, through weddings, funerals, and the birth of their eight grandchildren.

In an interview with a Prior Lake resident and long-time customer of the store, Pam Cook says she thinks, “D Copperfield Jewelers holds a special place in many people’s hearts because LuAnn and Mike treat you like part of the family. They are always warm and welcoming.” The couple agrees what they will miss most is, “catching up with the people they have grown to love like family.”

In this digital age, Mom & Pop shops are a dying industry. D Copperfield Jewelers continued to thrive through this change and there’s no doubt it is in part because of this feeling of family that LuAnn and Mike fostered over their 45 years of working together.

Giving back

The Reichow’s also remained dedicated to supporting the community through charitable giving throughout their careers. For personal reasons their favorite causes are fighting for breast cancer research and the Special Olympics. LuAnn has even done the “polar plunge” in the icy-cold Prior Lake water in the middle of winter as part of Special Olympics fundraisers. They’ve donated to area churches as well as R.O.C.K., an organization that provides food for Prior Lake’s food insecure children.

Reflecting on their careers, the couple say, “we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the work we’ve had the pleasure of doing, the people we’ve gotten to know so well, and the community we’ve seen grow here in downtown Prior Lake.”

Indeed, it will be a bittersweet ending for the couple and the community. Mark your calendars for November 26, 2019 to get your next thoughtful gift and to wish the Reichow’s the best on their next adventure. Prior Lake will have a big hole to fill on the corner of Main Avenue and Co. Road 21 in 2020.

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